Key Largo 30


Key Largo 30 from Italian brand Sessa Marine is designed for speed, drive and serenity. It is perfect for a weekend break with a loved one, relaxing getaway with a small group of friends or for a fishing trip. Its elegance, practicality, and powerful performance have charmed many of our guests, who are eager to return to this boat again and again.

Despite its compact size, the yacht is equipped with everything one might need. For those who love to sunbathe, the front deck is equipped with cushioned sun pads. The central deck can be equipped with a sun awning or a wider sunbathing area if you prefer. A state-of-the-art sound system is installed all around so you can enjoy background music to lift your mood and create a cheerful atmosphere.

The boat is designed in a loft style with light leather and wood finish. Those who like minimalism will definitely appreciate the overall design of our Key Largo 30.

  • Boats
  • 8 people guests
  • 2 people (captain and 1 crew)